Covering Industry With Quality Protection


     The uses for this remarkable wrapping service touch every segment of the industrial and commercial marketplace. In manufacturing, our service focus is the storage and shipment of production goods. From aircraft to automobiles . . . to farm and industrial equipment . . . to pre-fabricated houses and buildings . . . to raw materials like steel and lumber . . . industrial uses for this service are endless.

For instance, we've built temporary shelters to permit outdoor construction crews to meet critical wintertime schedules. Our materials has been used to construct tents for fairs, greenhouses, and temporary living quarters for victims of disasters. Auto dealers use our film to protect their investment prior to sale. The protection afforded by our wrapping service is so good that insurance companies have recommended our services to ensure the integrity of property during claims settlements.  We have convinced several major insurance companies that shrink wrapping can save thousands of dollars when settling the following claims:


We use only the best quality Shrink Wrap Plastic to complete the toughest of jobs.  Our skilled technicians get the job done right and provide you with a nice looking finished product.